Engender Change

ANZPAA NIFS launched the Engender Change program on behalf of the Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC) on 26 October 2020. This program aims to bring the forensic community together through leadership to support gender diversity and inclusivity and acknowledge the far-reaching benefits of gender equity in the workplace.

The program's initial focus is on challenging and changing the everyday actions and language that contribute to gender issues and do not foster a sense of inclusiveness. This is supported by the program’s Everyday Commitment Statement which all individuals who opt to join the Engender Change program take.

The Everyday Commitment Statement is an accountable, expandable, measurable, and visible representation of an Engender Change advocates dedication to changing actions and attitudes toward women in the forensic community. Taking this commitment demonstrates a personal desire to lead meaningful action to achieve culture transformation.

Effective cultural change requires a collaborative community approach and strong, clear leadership. The forensic leaders of ANZFEC through participating in this program, have shown their genuine commitment to actively champion women in forensic leadership, increase the visibility of women contributors to forensic science, be a role model for others and leverage their influence in the broader community to promote diversity and inclusion ideals.



Who are your Engender Change Advocates?

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Becoming an Engender Change Advocate

Signing up to the Engender Change program is on a personal and volunteer basis. If you wish to be part of creating transformative and accountable change within the forensic community, contact the ANZPAA NIFS team at [email protected] to take your Everyday Commitment Statement today!

Individuals wishing to join the program will take the Everyday Commitment pledge virtually with an ANZPAA NIFS representative. Contact [email protected] to schedule a time to join the Engender Change program. Better yet, discuss with your ANZFEC member how you can organise for a group of like-minded colleagues to take the Everyday Commitment Statement as a group within your forensic organisation.

More information on the program can be found in the Media Release and a full list of Engender Change advocates is located below.