Annual Reports

NIFS Annual Reports highlight our achievements against measurable indicators, in key priority areas, as identified in the ANZPAA NIFS Business Plans. From 2020 on, the ANZPAA NIFS Annual Report can be found here.

More information on the history of SMANZFL can be found in the 2008 journal article by Mr Alastair Ross, A brief history of SMANZFL on the 21st anniversary of its formation (Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences 40:1, 31-35).

ANZPAA NIFS Annual Report 2019-20

ANZPAA NIFS Annual Report 2018-19

ANZPAA NIFS Annual Report 2017-18


Business Plans

NIFS Business Plans are developed in close consultation with ANZFEC and set out the extensive ongoing work program and new projects, as approved by the ANZPAA Board, for the current financial year.

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2023-24

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2022-23

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2021-22

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2020-21

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2019-20

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2018-19

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2017-18

ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2016-17


The NIFS Strategic Plan is designed to complement the broader ANZPAA Strategic Plan and, in doing so, incorporates the agency’s broader priorities and values. The document guides NIFS in continuing to deliver high quality, specialist forensic science capabilities to policing, support the exchange of forensic information, enhance education and training, and promote quality through practitioner certification, proficiency testing and standards development.

ANZPAA NIFS Strategic Plan 2022-25

ANZPAA NIFS Strategic Plan 2019-22

ANZPAA NIFS Strategic Plan 2016-19