ANZPAA Annual Review 2020-21

The ANZPAA Annual Review is now available. This review tracks how we support police jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand to deliver capable and future ready police forces and deliver value for policing, putting the agency’s achievements on the record. More information.




What are we working on right now 

Shaping Stronger Connections

Policing Innovator

Sharing and connecting police innovations across Australia and New Zealand. 

Road Safety

Engaging in Road Safety/Road Policing activities (including National Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan)

Engender Change Rollout

Engender Change Program Rollout. View

Minimum Requirement Documents for forensic science

Collaborating on the development of Minimum Requirements Documents to support emerging forensic laboratories in developing countries to provide scientific services to the criminal justice system. View

Forensic Intelligence Lexicon

Providing strategic advice to the Forensic Intelligence Community of Interest. The initial focus of this Australian Federal Police led initiative is the development of a standardised lexicon for forensic intelligence to reduce risks of miscommunication and increase efficiencies in intelligence processes.

Activity Level Reporting Course

The ANZPAA NIFS Chemical Criminalistics Specialist Advisory Group is currently advising a major European university on developing a syllabus for an online activity level reporting course tailored for Australian and New Zealand forensic practitioners.

Enhancing Practice

Trust in policing: Compendium

Completing the Trust in policing: Compendium that compiles, updates, and expands on ANZPAA’s trust work undertaken over the past three years.

Religious and Spiritual Diversity

Reviewing A Practical Reference to Religious and Spiritual Diversity for Operational Police. It provides an overview of nine religions and spiritualities and is aimed at providing police with a greater understanding of religious and spiritual diversity and to enhance policing services to the community.

AFSAB Enhancement

ANZPAA NIFS, in collaboration with experts in crime scene, fingerprint and firearm examination, are enhancing the AFSAB Board and assessment processes. View

National DNA Consumables Pricing

Supporting forensic science agencies to negotiate standardised consumable prices for DNA consumables to produce cost savings.

Review National Familial DNA Searching Policy
Addressing Risk

2021 ANZPAA Annual Trends Analysis

Identification of emerging and evolving trends and their impacts on the future of policing in Australia and New Zealand.

Forensic Science Standards Development

As a member of the Standards Australia Committees, ANZPAA NIFS is supporting the development of Australian and International standards to ensure consistent and reliable forensic services.

AFSAB Certification

Processing new certification and re-certification applications. View

After the Fact Proficiency Test Development

AtF Proficiency Test Development. View

What we’ve recently finished

Items we have completed in the last six months.


Shaping Stronger Connections

DNA database – Roadmap for the Future

Working with forensic biologists from across Australia to inform the design of an enhanced national DNA database.

Proficiency Testing Bulk Purchase

Collaboratively procured proficiency tests on behalf of Australia and New Zealand forensic laboratories.

Engender Change Program Launched

Engender Change Program launched. View

Enhancing Practice

ANZPAA NIFS Research and Innovation Roadmap 2020-2025 View


Addressing Risk

Tools, tactics and strategies for recruiting the next generation of Police

This report identifies the changing factors influencing police’s ‘recruitment environment’ and identifies a selection of tools, tactics and strategies that police could use to refine existing recruitment campaigns.


What is on the horizon

Police Conference 2022

Planning for the delivery of the ANZPAA Police Conference 2022 in Melbourne.

Family Violence

Co-ordination of policing input into strategies combatting family violence.

NIFS Service Level Agreement

Develop and establish the ANZPAA NIFS Service Level Agreement.

New Forensic Science Practitioners

Facilitate the Ian Riebeling New Practitioner Workshop in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) Symposium.

Standardised Forensic Consumable Pricing Arrangements

Explore a framework to support forensic agencies negotiate standardised consumable prices to bring cost savings to agencies. The initial focus will be in analytical chemistry areas.

John Harber Phillips Award

John Harber Phillips Award past recipients. View



Policing Innovator - Issue Two out now!
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Four Dimensions of Trust
3 May 2021
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Futures Triangle and Trust
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We produce regular Environment Scans that look at current and emerging trends that may, or are impacting police. As a member of a police member jurisdiction you can access this here or subscribe here.



COVID-19 Briefs

A series of short briefs intended to inform police decision-makers on how Australian and New Zealand police can best meet the strategic and operational challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a member of a police jurisdiction and would like access, please subscribe here.


Business Plan 2020-21

ANZPAA’s first annual Business Plan under the new ANZPAA Strategy 2020-25, this document positions ANZPAA to assist Australia and New Zealand police in flexibly addressing key challenges and priorities.
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Annual Review 2020-21

The Annual Review 2020-21 for  the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) is now available, putting the agency’s value and achievements on the record.
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Strategy 2020-25

Our Strategy 2020-25 sets out the strategic direction of the agency for the next five years. It is an overarching document for ANZPAAs Business Plans. It details our focus on three strategic priorities: addressing risk, enhancing practice and shaping stronger connections as well as listing our long-term goals.
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