ANZPAA Police Conference Highlights


What are we working on right now 

Analysing key issues and trends affecting the policing environment.
Police Horizons Interview
Informing good practices and fostering connections between Australia and New Zealand policing through sharing ideas, insights and perspectives on the future of policing. View.
Policing Innovator
Sharing and connecting police innovations across Australia and New Zealand. 
Issues and Briefs
Producing issues and briefs that identify current and developing trends in policing. 
Police Conference 2023
Planning for the delivery of the ANZPAA Police Conference 2023 in Melbourne. 
ANZPAA Networks and Advisory Groups
Working closely with subject matter practitioner groups from each Australian and New Zealand police jurisdiction.
Road Safety
Engaging in Road Safety/Road Policing activities, particularly automated vehicles.
Family Violence
Coordination of policing input into strategies combatting family violence.
Minimum Requirement Documents for forensic science
Through participation in the International Forensic Strategic Alliance, collaborating on the development of Minimum Requirements Documents to support emerging forensic laboratories in developing countries to provide scientific services to the criminal justice system. View
Specialist Advisory Groups
Ongoing management of an extensive network of forensic specialists to support and promote the continuous improvement of forensic disciplines, encouraging collaboration and innovative thinking.
International Strategic Engagement
Working with the Department of Defence National Security Science and Technology Centre to progress collaboration on forensic science innovation with USA partners, leveraging efforts in strengthening forensic science.
NATA Forensic Science Accreditation Advisory Committee
Providing specialist strategic advice and coordinating forensic science information sessions for new NATA staff involved in assessing forensic science laboratories.
The Forensic Exhibit
Planning the publishing of a 1,000+ subscriber quarterly newsletter to promote the work of the ANZ forensic science community and NIFS.
Education and Training
Reviewing ANZPAA’s Education and Training products in Undercover Operations and Human Source Management, Practice Level of Police Officer and Police Educator, Trainers and Assessors.
AFSAB Enhancement
ANZPAA NIFS, in collaboration with experts in crime scene, fingerprint and firearm examination, are enhancing the AFSAB Board and assessment processes. View
Current and emerging recruitment challenges
Explore long-term strategies and solutions to address recruitment challenges facing police jurisdictions.
Artificial Intelligence Principles
Developing a set of principles to guide police's use of artificial intelligence, taking into account the strategic and operational needs of police.
Forensic Science Standards Development
As a member of the Standards Australia Committees, ANZPAA NIFS is supporting the development of Australian and International standards to ensure consistent and reliable forensic services.
Massively Parallel Sequencing Accreditation Guidelines
The ANZPAA NIFS Biology Specialist Advisory Group is developing guidelines that will support the implementation of this new DNA technology known as Massively Parallel Sequencing.
After the Fact (AtF) Proficiency Test
Working with crime scene practitioners across Australia to develop new assessment material for the AtF Proficiency Test.
Profiency Testing Bulk Purchase
Arranging the collaborative procurement, importation and distribution of internationally sourced proficiency tests on behalf of Australia and New Zealand forensic laboratories.
Workflow Mapping
A 12-month project reviewing and comparing the different jurisdictional workflows for forensic biology to identify opportunities for process improvement, cost savings and reductions in turn-around-times.
Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee Meetings
Facilitating a strategic forum for forensic leaders to come together and agree on a cross-jurisdictional program of work, leveraging ANZPAA NIFS support and collective resources to address current and emerging issues, improving forensic science service delivery.
Addressing Forensic Fundamentals
A 12-month project aimed at coordinating the progression of activities and research that will strengthen the scientific underpinnings of forensic disciplines across Australia and New Zealand.
AFSAB Certification
Liaising with all jurisdictions for the processing of 379 annual and five-yearly recertifications of crime scene, fingerprint and firearm practitioners for the Australasian Forensic Science Assessment Board program. View
CCTV Recommendations
Reviewing the Australia New Zealand Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems.
Forensic Capability Mapping
Applying the forensic capability mapping framework to document examination to identify capability risks and future needs.

Recently completed

Police Conference 2022
Delivered the successful ANZPAA Police Conference 2022 (PC22).
Integrity Principles
The Integrity Principles provide guidance for jurisdictions to underpin all actions and decisions undertaken by police to ensure trust and confidence and encourage behaviours that are professional, honest, ethical and transparent.
Workplace Wellbeing
Analysed the key factors influencing workforce wellbeing for jurisdictions to be able to address issues impacting their workforces.
Education and Training
Completed Education and Training Products for Community Engagement and Public Order Management.
Forensic Capability Mapping
Piloted the firearms discipline, a framework to identify current capability risks and future needs to support forensic agencies' strategic planning at a cross-jurisdictional level.
Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
Supported the ANZPAA Disaster Victim Identification Committee (ADVIC) to run a DVI exercise in partnership with the Australian Defence Force promoting a consistent understanding and approach to managing DVI scenes across Australia and New Zealand.
ANZPAA NIFS Best Paper Awards
A Sub-committee of the ANZPAA NIFS Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC) awarded the best papers in eight categories for peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, promoting and rewarding operationally relevant research and the sharing of research findings through journal publications. 
DNA Inquiry
Identifying cross-jurisdictional collaboration aimed at enhancing DNA analysis practices. 
Stakeholder Engagement
Sharing ANZPAA’s knowledge and expertise across the policing industry to position police for the future and strengthen relationships with international partners, including presenting at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Strategic Foresight Program, National OST Conference and attending the INTERPOL STRATalks and Interpol Young Global Leaders Programme.
Forensic Fundamentals Project
A multi-year project working with expert forensic practitioners to generate a holistic picture of the empirical evidence base for 20 forensic disciplines informing future research, court reporting and training requirements.
Forensic Capability Mapping
A 12-month project to map cross-jurisdictional capability, monitor capability risks and determine minimum requirements for select forensic disciplines.

On the horizon

Producing environment scans analysing key issues and trends affecting the policing environment.
Police Horizons Interviews
Informing good practices and fostering connections between Australia and New Zealand policing through sharing ideas, insights and perspectives on the future of policing.
Issues and Briefs
Produce issues and briefs that identify current and developing trends in policing.
Policing Forums
Policing focused forums and workshops to explore complex enduring challenges.
Research and Innovation
Conducting a review of ANZPAA NIFS Research and Innovation program.
VET Engagement
Engaging with the new Public Safety Skills Australia (Commonwealth Jobs Skills Council) to progress Police Training Package qualifications under the new Vocational Education and Training sector arrangements, in cooperation with other public safety industry partners such as Defence, Fire and Emergency Services.



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We produce regular Environment Scans that look at current and emerging trends that may, or are impacting police. As a member of a police member jurisdiction you can access this here or subscribe here.



Police Horizons

An interview series delving into the current and emerging challenges facing police, and the innovative solutions required to address them. Watch here or subscribe here to access the full catalogue.


ANZPAA Annual Review 2021–22 Thumbnail

Annual Review 2021-22

The Annual Review 2021-22 for  the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) is now available, putting ANZPAA’s value and achievements on the record.
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Business Plan 2022-23

The ANZPAA Business Plan 2022-23 incorporates the ANZPAA Board's strategic priorities for ANZPAA's work over the coming financial year and is aligned to the ANZPAA Strategy 2020-25. It's focus is on strategic and operational priorities, practice, profession and workforce, and our ongoing work program for the coming year.

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Strategy 2020-25

Our Strategy 2020-25 sets out the strategic direction of the agency for the next five years. It is an overarching document for ANZPAAs Business Plans. It details our focus on three strategic priorities: addressing risk, enhancing practice and shaping stronger connections as well as listing our long-term goals.
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