Clem Newton-Brown

We are pleased to announce Clem Newton-Brown OAM as a keynote speaker at the ANZPAA Police Conference 2024

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E-Scan 33: Policing the use of drones

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We are pleased to announce Jess Adamson as a keynote speaker at the ANZPAA Police Conference 2024

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  • ANZPAA Business Plan 2024-25

    ANZPAA's Business Plan 2024-2025 assists Australia and New Zealand police in flexibly addressing key challenges and priorities as they arise in a timely manner. By doing so, we aim to continue to prov ...

  • ANZPAA Annual Review 2022-2023

    2022-23 has presented extraordinary challenges for law enforcement agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand, yet it has also sparked remarkable innovation and resilience. The ability to ...

  • ANZPAA Business Plan 2023-24

    ANZPAA is committed to enhancing the safety and security of our communities, in this business plan we outline our work for 2023-24.


Latest Work

MOU of Understanding for Application to Outstanding Warrants 350 x 150

  • Memorandum of Understanding Between Australian Police Jurisdictions for the Management of Outstanding Interstate Warrants

    This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes an understanding between Australian Police jurisd ...

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  • E-Scan 33

    This edition includes a feature on policing the use of drones, AI Pins as interpreters, virtual real ...

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  • Police Horizons - Dr Suz Rock

    In this episode, we talk to Dr Suz Rock about key considerations for police when responding to youth ...

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