NIFS strategic work program is developed through ongoing engagement with the forensic science community, guaranteeing our products and services meet the highest priority needs and address the most critical issues our forensic science and police member agencies face.

Addressing Risk

Addressing Risk

Education & Training/Quality

Australasian Forensic Science Assessment Body

Certifying the competency of 400+ practitioners.

After the Fact

Creating online interactive tests, verifying the proficiency of 650+ crime scene practitioners.

Addressing Forensic Fundamentals

A 12-month project aimed at co-ordinating the progression of activities and research that will strengthen the scientific underpinnings of forensic disciplines across Australia and New Zealand.

NATA Forensic Accreditation Advisory Committee

NIFS representative provides NATA with a critical link to forensic leadership and discipline groups

Proficiency Test Program

The bulk purchase of 400+ tests saves on average $70,000+ across ANZFEC agencies

Standards Development

AS & ISO Representing a cross-agency perspective Forensic Science Group


5-10 critical issues and capability developing workshops

Forensic Capability Mapping

A 12-month project to map cross-jurisdictional capability, monitor capability risks and determine minimum requirements for select forensic disciplines.

Addressing Risk

Enhancing Practice


ANZPAA NIFS Best Paper Awards

7 awards rewarding the sharing of critical research through journal publications

ANZPAA Disaster Victim Identification Committee

Police Commanders/scientific advisors developing and maintaining internationally interoperable practices

Research and Innovation/RIAC

Strategic advice and project funding support for operationally relevant R&I

John Harber Phillips Award

A prestigious award for outstanding contribution to forensic sciences in Australia and New Zealand

International Forensic Strategic Alliance

Connecting 6 international forensic leadership regional networks

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Connecting with a criterial national information systems partner agency


Information to support ANZFEC strategic decision making as required

Workflow Mapping

A 12-month project that will review and compare the different jurisdictional workflows for forensic biology to identify opportunities for process improvement, cost savings and reductions in turn-around-times

Addressing Risk

Shaping Stronger Connections

Information Management

The Forensic Exhibit

A 1,000+ subscriber quarterly newsletter to promote the work of the Australia New Zealand forensic science community and NIFS

Chemical Warfare Agent Laboratory Network

Intelligence-led capability development supported by Defence Science Technology Group scientific advice/training

Special Advisory Groups/COI

26+ groups/subgroups driving harmonisation and development of forensic capabilities

Secure Server

A secure space to share 1,000s of resources and critical documents

Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Society

Supporting major events promoting research and innovation

Engender Change

Cross-jurisdictional initiatives supporting agency equity and diversity programs