Best Paper Awards

The ANZPAA NIFS Best Paper Awards recognise the literary contribution of authors from the Australian and New Zealand forensic science community. The Awards promote scientific research and encourage the sharing of learnings within the forensic and broader communities.

A sub-committee of the ANZPAA NIFS Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC) judges submissions using the assessment criteria outlined for each Award category.

ANZPAA NIFS updated the Award categories, assessment criteria and entry requirements following an ANZFEC Best Paper Award review in February 2022 to streamline judging and better recognise research across forensic science disciplines.

Under the changes, the Judging Committee can give an overall award for each category and agree to sub-categories to recognise significant research across various disciplines, replacing the practice of allocating highly commended awards.

After many years of successfully promoting research by police officers, the Henry Delaforce Award will be retired as the introduction of discipline sub-categories, such as crime scene, continues to encourage submissions from police officers.

The former categories of Best Case Study and Best Technical Article or Note have merged. 

Entry Conditions

  • The lead (first) author of the paper must submit the entry.

  • The lead author may only submit one entry per category.

  • The lead author must be from Australia or New Zealand.At least one author must be an employee of a forensic organisation represented on the ANZPAA NIFS Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC).

  • The lead author agrees that the Award judging committee may reallocate entries across categories or agree to allocate awards within a discipline sub-category.

  • Papers must be published or made available online as a corrected proof no more than 12 months before the entry closure date, midnight (AEST), 31 August, each year.

  • Republished articles will not be eligible for best paper awards unless there is noticeable progression in the information presented.

  • The lead author must send a completed ANZPAA NIFS Best Paper Awards - Application Form and an electronic copy of the award entry to [email protected]

Award Categories

Award categories can change from year to year. The following section describes this year’s categories and assessment criteria. The Award judging committee may agree to also give awards within discipline sub-categories, which can also include sub-categories of management and quality.

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