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In 2020-21, our focus at ANZPAA in meeting our strategic priorities will be on preparedness of our organisations, workforces and communities for the challenges and changes occurring today and tomorrow.




Content Editor

Addressing Risk


Identify and advise on issues and trends affecting the policing environment now and into the future

Just in time advice on key issues, priorities and challenges identified by the ANZPAA Board and CEO

Explore revenue streams for ANZPAA


Strategic Foresight and Innovation

Environment Scans

Research and Advice

Workforce Analysis

Content Editor

Enhancing Practice


Influence and benchmark good practice

Enhance police workforce capability

Support access to, and implementation of, ANZPAA products


ANZPAA cross-jurisdictional products

ANZPAA Education and Training Guidelines

ANZPAA Capability Guidelines

Police Training Package

Content Editor

Shaping Stronger Connections


Promote connections and knowledge exchange across police and partners

Promote collaborative procurement and strong supply chain networks

Develop and advise on options for future conference delivery, feasibility and revenue


Industry Engagement

ANZPAA Police Conference 2021

ANZPAA Networks
Collaborative Procurement

ANZPAA Office Relocation




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