Positioning Police for the Future

Positioning Police for the Future

Our vision is to be the leading advisor on current and emerging policing priorities.

We Deliver:

  • Annual Police Conferences
  • Cross-jurisdictional strategy and capability development
  • Cross-jurisdictional policy instruments, education and training products, and workshops
  • Engagement across policing, industry and forensic services
  • Environment Scanning and Foresight
  • Promote quality and consistency of practice
  • Research and information co-ordination for policing and forensic services

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Our Strategic Priorities:

Addressing Risk

We provide balanced and impartial advice on current and emerging priorities, identify and respond to risks and opportunities, and support policing to solve complex problems and create preferred futures.

Enhancing Practice

We promote consistent good practice and explore ways to optimise resources in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Shaping Stronger Connections

We enable and proactively partner with policing and key stakeholders to generate and share innovative ideas, enhancing outcomes for policing and communities.

Our Goals:

  • Increased focus on proactive identification of issues and timely advice on solutions to mitigate and reduce risk
  • ANZPAA is a core and trusted partner in strategic planning processes across policing
  • Stronger strategic relationships with stakeholders, both domestically and internationally

  • Embedding awareness and recognition of ANZPAA and our role as a foresight and innovation partner
  • Greater emphasis on improved and consistent practice and identifying resource efficiencies, cost effectiveness and smarter outcomes for policing
  • ANZPAA products are embedded and implemented within jurisdictions
Our History

Our History

The Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) was established in 2007 through agreement of the Police Commissioners across Australia and New Zealand and the then Australasian Police Ministers’ Council (APMC). The current members are the Police Commissioners from each jurisdiction in Australia and New Zealand, and the Chief Police Officer from the ACT. 

The National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS) was amalgamated into ANZPAA in 2009 and operates as one of our directorates. 

The Australia New Zealand Council of Police Professionalisation (ANZCoPP) was first established in 1993*. It was amalgamated into ANZPAA in 2007. Council Members comprise of all the Police Commissioners and Presidents of the Police Federation of Australia (PFA) and the New Zealand Police Association (NZPA).

* In 1993, it was known as the National Police Education Standards Council, which then became the Australasian Police Professional Standards Council (APPSC) and is now ANZCoPP. 

Our Values:

our values