Executive Management Team

Position Vacant - Chief Executive Officer

This position is currently vacant. 



Jean Dyzel - Acting CEO 

Jean was appointed to Director, Strategy In December 2015. She is responsible for the Innovation and Research Team that produce environment scans and research reports that offer strategic foresight considerations and effective practices to the ANZPAA Board. She also heads up the Projects Team that reviews cross-jurisdictional instruments, police education and training material and works on cost savings options for the ANZPAA Board in relation to procurement. Jean holds a Bachelor of Law and Arts. She has worked internationally and is personally committed to the concept of public value.

Vanessa Goodall - Director, NIFS

Vanessa was appointed the Director, National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS) at the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) in May 2021. Responsible for delivering high-impact outcomes for the forensic science community, Vanessa leads ANZPAA NIFS in working with specialists to encourage and support research and innovation, as well as advise on national priorities. Forensic science and policing have been a consistent thread throughout Vanessa's 20-year career, working across central policy and law enforcement agencies at the state and federal level. She holds Honours level forensic science qualifications and her career highlights include providing crime scene support to the Bali bombing, Thailand Tsunami Disaster Victim Identification investigations and delivering international and national forensic strategic advice.

Milan Orgad - Acting Director, Strategy

Milan leads a team of innovation and research experts that focus on current and future forecasting. These forecasts are analysed and provide meaningful evidence that aids police decision-making, and in this way, allows them to focus their education, research and project activities to better meet all potential future needs.




Dean Catoggio - Assistant Director - NIFS

Dean's responsibilities include: managing NIFS work program and projects, stakeholder liaison, contributing to strategic planning and establishing and developing best practice procedures, systems and programs.

Louise Cleary - Assistant Director, Business Operations and Communications

Louise is responsible for managing ANZPAA's core business operations and processes such as business support, communications & IT services, quality assurance and HR and Finance.

Jacqueline Durand - Assistant Director, Policy & Projects

Jacqui manages and oversees the development, review and implementation of policies and strategies relating to a range of contemporary policing issues. Jacqui has been instrumental in the development of a number of national policing and law enforcement strategic documents and submissions.

Mike Richmond - Chief Advisor & Assistant Director - Strategic Foresight

Mike is an experienced Foresight Strategist with a demonstrated history of synthesising and communicating complex information to stakeholders. Mike manages ANZPAA's environment, trends analysis and horizon scanning projects

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