Workforce Planning Principles 350 x 150

Australia New Zealand Workforce Planning Principles

25 Jul 2019

Policing organisations should develop the best mix of people and other resources for maximum effect ...

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Recommendations for CCTV Systems 350 x 150

Australia and New Zealand Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems [Under Review]

25 Jul 2019

[Under Review] These recommendations are aimed at businesses that use Closed Circuit Television (CCT ...

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Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Principles 350 x 150

Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Principles

25 Jul 2019

These Principles acknowledge that, by challenging racism and contributing to cultural, systemic and ...

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Strategy to Prevent and Respond to the Abuse of Children and Young People 350 x 150

Australia New Zealand Policing Strategy to Prevent and Respond to the Abuse of Children and Young People

24 Jul 2019

This Strategy addresses policing responses to the abuse of children and young people. Abuse can enco ...

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Four Dimensions of Trust Summary 350 x 150

Trust: How do institutions lose trust and what are the consequences?

16 Jul 2019

This Report examines how institutions lose trust, focusing on related institutions within the justic ...

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Protocol for Managing Online Blue on Blue Events 350 x 150

Protocol for Managing Online Blue-on-Blue Events

19 Jun 2019

This Protocol has been developed to maintain and support the integrity of online operations, acknowl ...

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Megatrends Impacting Police 350 x 150

Megatrends Impacting Police

6 Mar 2019

The 2019 ANZPAA Trends Analysis identifies seven interconnected megatrends and related challenges th ...

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Barriers to attracting a diverse workforce 350 x 150

Future Police Workforce: Barriers to Attracting a Diverse Workforce

2 Nov 2018

The achievement of workplace diversity and inclusion is impacted by a number of barriers, internal a ...

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Future Policing Workforces - Approaches to Talent Management 350 x 150

Future Policing Workforce: Approaches to Talent Management

21 Aug 2018

Australia and New Zealand police jurisdictions are focused on identifying and fostering talent withi ...

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