Police announce Easter Holiday Road Toll figures

Don’t be a victim to alcohol this long weekend say Police

Our Initiatives

  • Operation AUSTRANS

    Every year throughout May, police across Australia participate in Operation AUSTRANS – an operation designed to ensure heavy vehicle drivers and companies comply with the rules and regulations surrounding the transportation of goods.

  • Operation Unite: National Blitz on Drunken Violence

    Operation Unite is a combined policing operation conducted across Australia and New Zealand focusing on alcohol misuse, violence and anti-social behaviour.

  • Australia New Zealand Road Toll Reporting

    The holiday periods should be a time of celebration. Unfortunately for many Australian and New Zealand families will have their lives touched by tragedy due to crashes resulting in serious injuries and fatalities on our roads.

  • Operation Crossroads

    Operation CROSSROADS, is an Australia and New Zealand co-ordinated police initiative targeting a range of road offences including speed, alcohol, and drug use.