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Our Priorities

The ANZPAA Board, as part of the ANZPAA Business Plan 2018-19 has tasked ANZPAA to focus on three key priorities.

Strategic Foresight

Identify emerging trends that will shape and influence the future of policing



Scan and assess the environment to identify emerging issues, trends and potential impacts on policing.


Identify trends that may impact policing into the future.

Case study analysis of historical growth regions, including crime trends and implications on police resources,
to inform future workforce planning (Board Planning Day).

Facilitate the ANZPAA Board Planning Day.


Examine the concept of trust; how institutions lose trust and the changing nature of trust in policing institutions.

Manage the ongoing contract and analyse national trends arising from the National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing.


Maintain and continue to develop the ANZPAA Extranet as an Information Hub.

Develop a jurisdictional survey to assess the implementation and value of ANZPAA products.

Scope the development of an electronic tool to evaluate use of ANZPAA Products.

Maintain and develop the Workforce Demographics Report. 

Monitor and co-ordinate reporting on the Australia New Zealand Policing Profession

* Work under taken by ANZPAA and reported to ANZCoPP

Operational Priorities

Identify and develop operational models and methods that shape the workforce now and into the future


ANZPAA PRODUCTS: Development and Review

Undertake a desktop audit of active armed offender training for general duties police, and where relevant, rapid response capability for police, including:

  • a comparison of training requirements associated with long arm usage
  • implications for jurisdictions who do not currently have a long arms rapid response capability

Cultural diversity and anti-racism:

  • Develop cultural diversity and anti-racism principles
  • Develop an education and training guideline on cultural diversity and anti-racism/unconscious bias training for police.*

Review the Search and Rescue education and training products (3 products).*

Review the Crash Investigation education and training products and develop an aligned police training package qualification (2 products).*

Review the Cybercrime Protocols.#


Manage the transition of agreed ANZCTC police-specific products to ANZPAA and maintain the National Glossary.


Develop a Mental Health Guide that would identify the common mental illnesses through behaviours exhibited with recommendations on appropriate engagement strategies.#

Investigate the development of a common policing mental health framework in partnership with agencies.


Examine data storage and retention options (including legislation) and challenges around disclosure for information produced and stored in cyberspace.

Examine regulation and jurisdictional requirements in regards to training and use of drones within policing.

Explore the interface between regulatory infringements and criminal offences, including new crime types in relation to drones.


Examine the feasibility of applying criteria for measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of family violence responses.

Share lessons learnt and effective practice within the family and domestic violence area.


Investigate the inherent skills and qualities required for the future police workforce, including:

  • barriers to attracting a diverse workforce to policing as a profession
  • approaches to talent management to ensure the development and retention of the best talent.

Examine current surge and capability sharing arrangements and opportunities to support the workforce of the future.

Examine how police could further influence perceptions to support future workforce recruitment and deployment requirements.

Examine current jurisdictional diversity and inclusion strategies, policies and key performance indicators. 

* Work undertaken by ANZPAA and reported to ANZCoPP
Delivery may be delayed until 2019-20, depending on progression of other products and required consultations

Engagement and Collaboration

Engage and facilitate strategic partnerships and collaborative networks for policing


Ongoing planning and management for the Police Conference 2020.


Access the feasibility of developing an App for police to access ANZPAA's electronic resources. 

Facilitate the collation of ANZPAA Board views on national road safety policing issues. 

Facilitate jurisdictional information requests.

Manage and process access requests for ANZPAA products.

Facilitate collaborative procurement initiatives.

Develop and implement a marketing and communication plan for the Australia New Zealand Policing Profession Framework.

Provide liaison and co-ordination with beyondblue for jurisdictions participating in the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Study of Police and Emergency Services.


Engage and collaborate with key stakeholder groups and relevant industry and research groups.

Engage with Vocational Education and Training Sector

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