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Senior Sergeant First Class Russell Dippy, Emergency Management Co-ordinator
South Australia Police

Posted: 23 August 2023 

ANZPAA recently with Senior Sergeant First Class Russell Dippy, Emergency Management Co-ordinator at South Australia Police about how climate change is transforming the landscape of emergency management. In this episode Russell discusses the importance of forming partnerships and building strong relationships prior to an event, community education and ensuring cohesion across police agencies to enhance the overall effectiveness of disaster responses.

Police Horizon Podcast - Senior Sergeant Russell Dippy - Adapting to Climate Change (MP3 24.1MB)

Dr Janis Dalins, Leading Senior Constable, AFP
Co-Director AiLECS Lab, Monash University

Posted: 1 August 2023 

ANZPAA recently spoke to AFP Leading Senior Constable, Dr Janis Dalins from the Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Community Safety (AiLECS) Lab, at Melbourne’s Monash University. In this episode Dr Dalins talks about the groundbreaking research and development AiLECS is undertaking within Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid law enforcement agencies and enhance community safety.

Listen to the podcast here.

Superintendent Bill Berg
London Police Service, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 18 April 2023

Supt Bill Berg, along with a team of his Canadian Colleagues, took part in the 2020-2022 Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CAPC) Executive Global Studies Program, researching the theme The Future of Policing…for Police. Bill talks to ANZPAA about the findings from this research and how to harness new innovations and evidence-based practice across several areas of policing to ultimately improve community trust in police.

Police Horizons Podcast - Superintendent Bill Berg, London Police Service, Ontario Canada

Dr Michael Taylor
Team Lead, Forensic Intelligence Unit, Australian Federal Police

Posted: 18 August 2022

In this episode of Police Horizons, we chat to Dr Michael Taylor, Team Lead, Forensic Intelligence Unit, at Australian Federal Police about the emergence of forensic intelligence as a tool for police investigations.

Police Horizons Podcast - Dr Michael Taylor, AFP

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens APM LEM
South Australia Police

Posted: 28 April 2022

In this first episode of the series, ANZPAA CEO Dr. Tracey Green discusses a number of these challenges with the South Australian Commissioner of Police, and Chair of the ANZPAA Board, Grant Stevens APM LEM.

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