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Business Plan Priorities 2019-2020

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The ANZPAA Business Plan 2019-20 sets out the priorities of ANZPAA's work program, as determined by the ANZPAA Board, for the current financial year.

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Future Focus: Identifying and advising on issues and trends affecting the policing environment now and into the future through strategic policy, projects and collaborations.

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Forecast and advise on emerging issues and trends, and potential impacts on policing including:

  • opportunities and risks in relation to the current and potential use of AI in policing
  • analyse factors impacting community perceptions of policing and public safety

Develop and facilitate the ANZPAA Board Strategy Day

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Facilitate and advise on a cross-jurisdictional policy position on drone regulation and capability, liaising with relevant bodies

Explore recruitment and retention of Indigenous members into police organisations

Examine how potential changes to alcohol and drug legislation in Australia and New Zealand could impact policing

Facilitate advice on current cross-border policing issues

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Engagement & 


Develop and deliver

  • Police Conference 2019
  • Police Conference 2020

Develop and implement a tiered engagement and communication mechanism via the ANZPAA website

Co-ordinate and deliver ANZPAA Board delegation visits, as required

Monitor training guidelines developed and released by INTERPOL to ensure consistency across training guidelines

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Exploring operational models and policing responses to identify good practice and support efficiency and effectiveness of policing.

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Advise on trends and analysis of the Workforce Demographics Report

Facilitate the development of a Skills Capability Profile across Australia and New Zealand police jurisdictions, considering skills transference and support for entry, re-entry and career breaks

Develop options for collaborative recruitment and a national recruitment pool

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Safety & 


Examine and advise on factors that impact police officer wellbeing in an operational context, including an analysis of jurisdictional survey data.

Development of a Mental Health Guide (continued from 2018-19) Development of Mental Health Principles

Advise on police exposure to mental health challenges, including through analysis of individual jurisdiction Beyond Blue National Survey Reports.

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Advise on the impacts of perceptions of police militarisation on jurisdictions, officers and the community

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Facilitate policing input in the development of road safety principles for speed, impaired and distracted driving, in collaboration with AUSTROADS

Facilitate the development of a cross-jurisdictional approach to family and domestic violence operational responses, leveraging from the Family Violence Framework (continued from 2018-19)

Facilitate the review of:

  • Missing Persons - A Policy for Australian Policing
  • Australia New Zealand Policing Strategy to Reduce the Abuse of Children and Young People
  • Australia New Zealand Child Exploitation Victim Identification Protocol

Facilitate the review and development of policing related counter-terrorism products:

  • Dignitary Protection
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Education & 


Facilitate the development and review of education and training products and associated qualifications

  • Search & Rescue
  • Protection

Facilitate and advise on:

  • Collaborative procurement initiatives
  • National road safety policing issues and responses
  • Engagement with the Vocational Education and Training sector
  • Requests for ANZPAA products and jurisdictional information requests
  • National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing tender and contract

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