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Community Diversity & Engagement

Community Resilience and Engagement Command and the Aboriginal Liaison Officer Program

A Command introduced to improve the cultural responsiveness of the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services.


Illicit Firearms Squad

As the Victoria Police Illicit Firearms Squad approaches the first anniversary of its formation, hundreds of illicit firearms have been taken out of the hands of criminals across the state.

Family & Domestic Violence

Enhancing frontline officers timely response to domestic family violence 

From September 2018-2019 the Queensland Police Service (QPS) State Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit (SDFV&VPU) undertook a 12-month trial embedding two Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator’s (DFVC) within the Brisbane Police Communications Centre (BPCC).


Foresight, innovation and risk: If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will get you there 

In September ANZPAA released the 2021 Trends Analysis, an interactive report designed to catalyse conversations about police’s changing operating environment over short, medium, and long terms.

Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing a key focus for Tasmania Police 

Proactive, confidential, and preventative health and wellbeing measures are a key focus for Tasmania Police and its emergency services counterparts, with one program ‘MyPulse’ recently recognised for its nation leading approach.

International Policing

Spotlight on International Policing 

In a rapidly changing world, international police jurisdictions are facing similar challenges to those experienced by police within Australia and New Zealand..

Research & Collaboration

Preserving the 'seen': protecting police officers' memories of high-stress incidents 

A new project using simulated high-stress criminal scenarios to test memory recall from paired police participants.


Evidence Lockers cut travel time for Investigators

Queensland Police detectives and citybased railway squad officers have an innovative property lodgement room at its Brisbane Roma Street Headquarters to overcome the challenge of travelling to the new Evidence Warehouse in western Brisbane.


ANZPAA Announces New CEO

ANZPAA is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Tracey Green as new CEO.

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