Police Horizons

Posted: 13 October 2022


AC-Hansen Assistant Commissioner Tim Hansen
 Service Delivery Transformation Command

Our Police Horizons interview series delves into current and emerging challenges that are facing police, and the innovative solutions required to address them.

In this third episode, we chat to Assistant Commissioner Tim Hansen from the Service Delivery Transformation Command at Victoria Police who talks about working with the public and the Victoria Police workforce to deliver changes focused on improving community safety. 

What exactly is service delivery transformation? At its heart it’s about making better organisations, says Assistant Commissioner Hansen.

A key focus for Victoria Police has been understanding how they can become more visible, more accessible and better recognise what the community want.

Assistant Commissioner Hansen says “we’ve really taken the time to understand what the community wants from us.” 

Assistant Commissioner Hansen discusses ideas including rostering reform for work/life balance, supporting victims through streamlined reporting, modernising organisational culture and the importance of partnerships and co-delivering services.

If you are interested in more examples of innovative partnerships in a policing context, #PCC22 has a dedicated partnerships session stream that will cover digitisation of policing, next generation technology solutions, first nations communities and the indo-pacific region. To be added to the waitlist for in-person tickets or to register for a virtual ticket to watch PC22 online or on-demand, go to www.anzpaaconference.com.au 

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