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Research and Innovation Roadmap

The Research and Innovation Roadmap details the priority areas of focus for research and innovation in forensic science, which were identified through an extensive consultation process with forensic science service providers, academics and forensic technology providers from across Australia and New Zealand. Each priority area of focus has been aligned to a strategic policing priority, to highlight the importance of forensic science research and innovation initiatives in the broader law enforcement environment.

It is anticipated that this document will be a resource for the forensic science community to focus research and innovation initiatives towards end user requirements and reduce duplication of effort by identifying opportunities for collaboration. The specific project questions under each area of focus are detailed in a separate document that is updated annually by ANZPAA NIFS in consultation with the forensic science community.

A list of the current project questions can be downloaded via the following link: Research & Innovation Roadmap - 2020 Annual Projects


How to use this document


               The research questions (annual projects) posed in this document can be used by researchers and forensic science practitioners to explore opportunities to address research priority areas for police and government forensic science facilities across Australia and New Zealand. The document will assist in targeting research and innovation initiatives towards operationally relevant areas, in an effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of forensic science service provision in Australia and New Zealand.

                Researchers and practitioners can use this document to demonstrate to potential research partners and funding providers that their area of research aligns with the priority areas of operational forensic science facilities in Australia and New Zealand.


Maximise collaboration - Tell us about your work!


                Where researchers and forensic science facilities advise us of their current or future research that aligns to one or more annual projects, ANZPAA NIFS will in return connect researchers with other researchers and forensic science facilities that share common interests. This will assist to maximise collaborations, reduce duplication of effort and promote the distribution of resources across the different research priority areas.

                Also by sharing your research ideas with us, we will notify you of any opportunities to apply for funding support through ANZPAA NIFS as they arise. Please email your areas of research interest to Secretariat NIFS:


Any enquiries relating the the current project questions should be directed to

Research and Innovation Strategy

ANZPAA NIFS are committed to providing assistance where possible.  When funding sources are identified, ANZPAA NIFS will contact research stakeholders to explain the process for seeking funding assistance. The general process for seeking ANZPAA NIFS in-kind and funding support is detailed in the ANZPAA NIFS Research and Innovation Strategy.


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