Introduction of New DNA Marker Sets in Australian Forensic Laboratories

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Wilson-Wilde 2012

Technological advances in DNA profiling have been rapid and significant over the past few years. The impact of these advances, not only on the justice system but in all areas of biological science, has brought DNA analysis into the public eye and dramatically increased the range of legal cases where DNA evidence has been useful. The Profiler Plus™ DNA marker system has been in use by Australian jurisdictions for approximately twelve years, allowing over 500,000 DNA ‘Profiler Plus’ profiles to be added to the National Criminal Investigation DNA Database (NCIDD). Police Commissioners requested that ANZPAA National Institute of Forensic Science initiate a project to replace the Profiler Plus system with the latest technology. The resulting Advancing DNA Analysis Project introduces a new DNA marker system that will continues to ensure that forensic science in Australia provides consistent quality results, meeting international best practice. 


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