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We produce a range of guidelines, reports and publications for use by police and the forensic science services that cover a broad range of areas such as Rapid DNA; Evaluative Reporting; Forensic Fundamentals; and CCTV and Digital Imaging.

If you wish to view any of these documents, they are available for download below:

NIFS Publications 2017.PNG


A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Crime Scene Management

- ANZPAA NIFS Strategic Plan 2019-22


- ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2018-19

- ANZPAA NIFS Annual Report 2017-18

- Facial Identification - Glossary of Terms

- Familial DNA Searching Factsheet


- Research and Innovation Roadmap 2017

Research and Innovation Strategy 2017

- ANZPAA NIFS Annual Report 2016-2017

- ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2017-2018

- An Introductory Guide to Evaluative Reporting

- Evaluative Reporting Fact Sheet

- Evaluative Reporting Process Poster


- End-to-End Forensic Identification Process Project Phase 2 - Final Report

- Current Status Report - Forensic Science Research and Innovation

- ANZPAA NIFS Strategic Plan 2016-2019

- ANZPAA NIFS Business Plan 2016-2017

- A Guideline to Forensic Fundamentals

- Current and Emerging Issues in Forensic Science Service Provision

- Rapid DNA Project - Phase 2 Report


- The Intelligent Use of Forensic Data


- ANZPAA NIFS - Next Generation Sequencing Flowchart

- Australia and New Zealand Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems

- Independent Review of The National Institute of Forensic Science


- Australia and New Zealand Guidelines for Digital Imaging Processes


- End-to-End Forensic Identification Process Project Phase 1 - Final Report

End-to-End Forensic Identification Process Project Phase 1 - Recommendations

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