Proof–of-Concept Studies for a Field Based DNA Analysis System

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Current techniques for DNA profiling used by forensic labs are very useful at identifying individuals but are relatively slow and expensive. Under certain ‘closed-set’ circumstances (particular mass disasters where there is a need to gather and match many samples from many individuals) rapidity, low cost and the capability for field deployment are important factors in human identification. The initial stages of this project developed a DNA analysis process (‘Closed-Set Human Identification System’) that is rapid, less costly than conventional profiling and is capable of field deployment. The process developed is not a means of identification but an initial screening tool to group fragmented human remains together at the scene of a mass disaster. The aim of the study outlined in this poster was to determine, by performing proof-of concept studies, if the ‘Closed Set Human Identification System’ was suitable for forensic application.


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proof-of-concept (PDF 5.7MB)

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