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The Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency’s National Institute of Forensic Science (ANZPAA NIFS) launched Engender Change on behalf of the Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC) on 26 October 2020. The initiative aims to transform diversity and inclusion culture in the forensic community through leadership.

The program’s initial activities focus on challenging the everyday actions and language that are used that contribute to gender issues that do not foster a sense of inclusiveness.

For the first time, the forensic community has come together as a collective to systematically address inclusivity and acknowledge that gender equity has far reaching benefits.

ANZPAA CEO Katherine van Gurp says “workplace culture and conditions are fundamental in recruiting and retaining women as well as supporting their advancement to leadership positions. We are incredibly proud to launch this campaign as a visible, accountable and measurable way to prompt real action to address gender equity in forensic science.”

ANZPAA NIFS Director Linzi Wilson-Wilde says “This is an exciting time as leaders within the forensic community take a strong and proactive role to recognise that individual actions can impact workplace culture. I am thrilled to be part of a change campaign that has the opportunity to fundamentally improve our profession. This has been a personal goal of mine, having worked for a number of law enforcement agencies in my career and seen firsthand the impact of negative actions and language.”

Linzi Wilson-Wilde notes “individual accountability of the campaign ensures that leaders will undertake tangible actions to support women in the forensic science field and will be reflected organisation wide. I invite anyone in the forensic science field to sign the everyday statement so we can ensure this initiative influences real change.”

The full Everyday Commitment Statement, advocate honour roll and more details on the program (including how to become an Engender Change advocate) can be found on via the 'Program Information' and 'Everyday Commitment' webpages.

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