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After the Fact (AtF) is an online virtual crime scene assessment test for forensic science practitioners. Precise and diligent processing of a crime scene is fundamental to the quality of any subsequent forensic examination. Effective crime scene training and performance monitoring is therefore an essential component of the forensic science process.

ANZPAA NIFS, along with the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in the United States developed the web-based version of the AtF as an innovative and effective answer to the needs of the forensic science and police communities. Through the use of virtual reality technology, the program replaces the costly and time-consuming practice of creating mock crime scenes for the purpose of training and performance assessment.

Through the innovative use of video and still photography, AtF allows the investigator to 'walk through' the scene and provides for realistic scene processing including photography, note-taking, collection, labeling and packaging. AtF comes in either training or assessment versions.

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Each year, ANZPAA NIFS works with the Crime Scene Proficiency Advisory Committee (CSPAC) to develop and deliver the major and volume crime scene scenarios for AtF.   CSPAC is comprised of crime scene investigators who are either current active examiners or who now occupy management roles within forensic science laboratory structures throughout Australia.

Visit the AtF website to experience a sample course.

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