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The Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency’s National Institute of Forensic Science (ANZPAA NIFS) launched Engender Change on behalf of the Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC) on 26 October 2020. The initiative aims to transform diversity and inclusion culture in the broader forensic community through leadership.

The program's initial focus is on challenging and changing the everyday actions and language that contribute to gender issues and which do not foster a sense of inclusiveness. This is supported by the program’s Everyday Commitment Statement which all individuals who opt to join the Engender Change program take (see Everyday Commitment).

Leadership is a trait that is not aligned to position or power. Effective cultural change requires a collaborative community approach and strong, clear leadership. ANZFEC have taken a leadership step to begin to change forensic culture and address issues of diversity and inclusion.

Signing up to the Engender Change initiative is on a personal and volunteer basis. The first group of Engender Change advocates, consisting of 18 Forensic leaders in Australia and New Zealand, have shown their commitment to actively champion women in forensic leadership, increase the visibility of women contributors to forensic science, be a role model for others and leverage their influence in the broader community to promote diversity and inclusion ideals.

If you wish to follow their lead, and be part of creating transformative and accountable change within the forensic community, review the Everyday Commitment using the link provided and then contact secretariat.nifs@anzpaa.org.au.

Who are your Engender Change Advocates?

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* Note: Titles have been included where provided by the Advocate

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