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The Peak Body for Forensic Science in Australia and New Zealand

The National Institute of Forensic Science is a directorate within the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA NIFS). We were founded in 1992 and are an internationally respected agency, with no counterpart in any other country. We are the contact point for requests requiring forensic representation from Australia and New Zealand. We are governed by the Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC) and our member agencies are the government forensic service providers in Australia and New Zealand.


Our Strategic Intent is to:

  • Promote and Facilitate Excellence in Forensic Science

Our work programs are designed to address priority needs and issues in forensic science. We engage with the forensic science community on issues that are cross-jurisdictional and cross-discipline in character.


  • Dedicated resources to drive improvements and innovation in forensic science


  • Ability to co-ordinate collective resources to deliver outcomes


  • Funding to facilitate the delivery of outcomes


  • Governance process to implement outcomes and effect change


  • Ability to maximise cross-jurisdictional buying power - DNA consumables, course fees, training, proficiency testing costs


  • Ability to facilitate standardisation across agencies, which reduces risk


  • Ability to achieve a cross-jurisdictionally agreed position and response to emerging issues, which reduces risk


  • Ability to connect agencies and individuals (nationally and internationally) to provide the right information to reduce duplication of efforts and time to deliver outcomes



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