Business Plan Priority 3: Engagement and Collaboration

Engage and facilitate strategic partnerships and collaborative networks for policing


Ongoing planning and management for the Police Conference 2020.


Access the feasibility of developing an App for police to access ANZPAA's electronic resources. 

Facilitate the collation of ANZPAA Board views on national road safety policing issues. 

Facilitate jurisdictional information requests.

Manage and process access requests for ANZPAA products.

Facilitate collaborative procurement initiatives.

Develop and implement a marketing and communication plan for the Australia New Zealand Policing Profession Framework.

Provide liaison and co-ordination with beyondblue for jurisdictions participating in the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Study of Police and Emergency Services.


Engage and collaborate with key stakeholder groups and relevant industry and research groups.

Engage with Vocational Education and Training Sector

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