Australia and New Zealand Police Principles

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These principles do not override Australian or New Zealand related legislation, or operational procedures or policies used within jurisdictions.

Integrity Principles

In recognition of the need for Australian and New Zealand police organisations to take opportunities to strengthen their integrity frameworks, the Police Integrity principles document was developed. Integrity principles underpin and inform all decisions and actions undertaken by police organisations and their employees. Adherence to integrity principles is essential in ensuring continued public trust and confidence.

Pursuit Principles

While it is preferable that police pursuits of vehicles did not have to occur, protecting lives on our roads are a major priority for all police. This document provides overarching principles that can be applied consistently across all jurisdictions to help support police pursuit policies.

Use-of-force Principles

These principles are a strategic guide to the use-of-force in any situation where, in the execution of their duty, police use physical force or other techniques (including a weapon, instrument or implement) to respond to an actual or perceived threat.

Workforce Planning Principles

The policing environment requires a flexible and professional workforce with the skills, knowledge and resources to meet the growing and changing demand for services, supported by the best possible systems and processes. Policing organisations should develop the best mix of people and other resources for maximum effect through representation, leadership, service and flexibility.

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