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Internal request

Employees of policing jurisdictions are not required to submit an access request for ANZPAA Education and Training Guidelines (Guidelines). If you would like to obtain any Guidelines, please contact the ANZPAA Training and Education Advisory Group (ATEAG) member for your jurisdiction. Should you require the contact details of your ATEAG member, please contact ANZPAA on (03) 9628 7211 or at

External Request

ANZPAA Education and Training Guidelines (Guidelines) are Not For Public Access and are subject to a controlled release process. This requires that ANZPAA conduct a risk assessment of the request, after which it will be referred to the appropriate body for approval. It is important that requestors provide sufficient information (particularly in relation to the purpose of the request and intended use of the Guidelines) for ANZPAA to conduct this risk assessment. Please complete all fields below. Once complete, click on the 'Submit' button.

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ANZPAA Education and Training Guidelines


ANZPAA Training and Education Products have been prepared to support the development and sourcing of training and education for practitioners in specific policing disciplines in Australia and New Zealand and may not be relied upon for any other purpose. The information contained in ANZPAA Training and Education Products is necessarily of a general nature only and ANZPAA makes no representation or warranty that ANZPAA Training and Education Products accurately describe every competency required within an individual organisation.

ANZPAA Education and Training Products are not a substitute for any jurisdictionally appropriate laws, policies, protocols and procedures and are not intended to take precedence over such laws, policies, protocols and procedures. ANZPAA Training and Education Products may refer to other resources, publications or websites which are not under the control of, maintained by, associated with, or endorsed by ANZPAA (Third Party Resources). Links and citations to Third Party Resources are provided for convenience only. To the extent permitted by law, ANZPAA will not be responsible for the content, information or other material contained in or on any Third Party Resource.

If you access a Third Party Resource you do so at your own risk and on the conditions applicable to that Third Party Resource.

ANZPAA does not accept responsibility or liability (including without limitation by reason of negligence) for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether loss of profits, direct, indirect, consequential or special) that may arise, or which you or any person or organisation may incur, as a result of using or relying upon the ANZPAA Training and Education Products.


This work is subject to copyright. License to reproduce this work in unaltered form is granted to Australian and New Zealand Government bodies. No other reproduction of this work is permitted without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. All requests and inquiries concerning reproduction of this work should be directed to ANZPAA on (03) 9628 7211 or at .

Conditions of use

If approved, the process of release requires that a Deed of Confidentiality is signed between ANZPAA and the requestor. Kindly note that this Deed stipulates clauses related to the release of the information to a third party, security requirements related to the storing of the products and any limits of use of the products.

Once complete, select the 'Submit button. Your request will be forwarded to ANZPAA for initial response within 10 working days and (if required) further assessment.
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