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ANZPAA NIFS is governed by the Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC).  ANZFEC represents government forensic science service providers across Australia and New Zealand, demonstrating the forensic science community's interest in working together, its investment in ANZPAA NIFS and strong support for our work program.

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New South Wales Police Force - Forensic Services Group

Assistant Commissioner Peter Cotter APM - Commander  -  ANZFEC Chair

Assistant Commissioner Peter Cotter APM is the Commander of the Forensic Services Group. As Commander, Peter leads and has oversight of the operational and managerial responsibilities of forensic investigation and the provision of a timely and expert forensic service for the NSW Police Force. Peter took on this leadership role in December 2013 upon being appointed as an Assistant Commissioner. Peter has 32 years policing experience, having joined the NSW Police Force in 1984, with over 20 years tenure as a criminal investigator from practitioner to leader within the serious and violent crime domain, specifically homicide and armed robbery.

PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Western Australia

Dr Gavin Turbett - Head of Department  -  Deputy Chair

After completing his PhD in 1992, Gavin was involved in cancer research for approximately six years before moving into forensic science. Gavin is the Head of Department of the Forensic Biology Laboratory at PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA, and has held that role since 1999. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Curtin University, Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia. He has published 34 scientific papers. He lectures regularly to university students, as well as to specialist and non-specialist groups about forensic biology and DNA profiling. In 2011, he became a Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Science, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia. He was an executive member of Senior Managers of Australia & New Zealand Forensic Laboratories (SMANZFL) and is the mentor to the Biology Specialist Advisory Group (BSAG).

Australian Federal Police (AFP) and ACT Policing

Dr Sarah Benson - Chief Forensic Scientist

Profile pending.

ChemCentre, Western Australia - Forensic Science Laboratory

Mr Colin Priddis - Director

Colin has over 30 years’ experience practicing and administering the delivery of forensic analytical services and expert opinion to clients involved in the administration of law enforcement, security, industry integrity and community health in WA. The forensic services at ChemCentre are focussed on human toxicology (post mortem, traffic, crime, workplace and community health related), animal toxicology (Racing Industry), controlled substances (drug seizures, clan labs and drug profiling) and chemical criminalistics (trace evidence involving accelerants, explosives, soils, fibres, glass, GSR, metals, paint, polymers etcetera). Colin maintains active interests in the detection and toxicology of new psychoactive substances, drug profiling, clandestine laboratory investigation and creating solutions for collating and interpreting large complex sets of analytical data particularly in the areas of Chem Crim and Illicit Drugs.

Forensic Science Service Tasmania (FSST)

Director - TBA

Profile pending.

Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA)

Mr Chris Pearman - Director

Chris is Director of Forensic Science SA, which provides independent scientific and pathology services to the justice system of South Australia in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Pathology and Toxicology. Chris has over 30 years experience in forensic science as a practitioner and administrator. He is a Professorial Fellow at Flinders University, Chair of NATA’s Forensic Science Accreditation Advisory Committee and member of the Executive of the Senior Managers of Australian and New Zealand Forensic Laboratories (SMANZFL).

Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR)

Dr Jill Vintiner - Forensic Programme Manager

Dr Jill Vintiner is currently the Forensic Programme Manager at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR) and her responsibilities include leading and managing the delivery of ESR’s forensic sciences services from a scientific, financial and quality assurance perspective.  Jill joined the Forensic Biology group at ESR in 1999 with a particular focus around the DNA Databank operation and in 2003, she became the Forensic Research Programme Manager.  Prior to working at ESR, Dr Vintiner held research positions in the field of molecular genetics both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

ACT Government Analytical Laboratory (ACTGAL)

Mr Daniel Andres - A/Director

Profile pending.

National Measurement Institute

Dr Michael Collins - Director AFDL

Michael Collins is currently the Director of the Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory within the National Measurement Institute (NMI). He entered the NMI through a joint AFP/NMI appointment in 2003 to create a drug profiling program for Australia which was completed in collaboration with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Prior to these roles Michael has worked in the university and private sectors and with the NSW State Government. He completed his BSc and PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Sydney in 1984 specialising in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and molecular structure. His main interests today involve the forensic applications of light element stable isotope ratios and the use of NMR in forensic chemistry. He is an inveterate snow skier with a healthy interest in red wine.

New South Wales Health Pathology - Forensic and Analytical Science Service (FASS)

Michael Symonds - Executive Director

Michael commenced as the Executive Director, NSW Health Pathology, Forensic & Analytical Science Service in November 2017.

Michael has significant experience in the acute healthcare sector as Director, Hunter New England Imaging (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Safety) and as Director BreastScreen NSW HNE.  Michael was General Manager of the John Hunter Hospital (Newcastle NSW) for two years.  With a background in Medical Radiation Science, has has extensive clinical experience, is involved in education and research and operates as a technical cooperation expert for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Northern Territory Police - Forensic Science Branch

Mr Des Carroll - Director

Des is the Director of the Forensic Science Branch which is based in Darwin. He has over 30 years' experience in forensic science. The Branch is a NATA accredited laboratory responsible for the provision of Territory-wide forensic services across a range of disciplines and activities including crime scene, firearms examination, fingerprints, chemistry, biology, photography and exhibits liaison.

Queensland Health - Forensic and Scientific Services (FSS)

Mr Craig Russell - A/Executive Director

Profile pending.

Queensland Police Service - Forensic Sciences Group

Superintendent Bruce McNab - Forensic Services Group

Profile pending.

South Australia Police - Forensic Services Branch

Superintendent Les Buckley

Profile pending.

Tasmania Police

Inspector Grant Twining

Profile Pending.

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Professor Noel Woodford - Director

Noel Woodford is the Director of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) and holds the Chair in Forensic Medicine at Monash University. Prior to his appointment as Director in July 2014, Noel was Head of Forensic Pathology Services at the Institute for 6 years. Noel has worked as a senior forensic pathologist at the VIFM since 2003 before which he was a consultant Home Office Pathologist and Senior Lecturer in Forensic Pathology in the Department of Forensic Pathology at Sheffield University UK. Whilst in the UK he obtained a Master of Laws in Medical Law from the University of Cardiff. His special interests include sudden unexpected natural adult death and radiological imaging as an adjunct to medico-legal death investigation.

Victoria Police - Forensic Services Department

Mr John Doherty - Executive Director

John Doherty is the Director at the Victoria Police Forensic Services Department. John has worked as a senior forensic manager in Australia since October 2009. Prior to this, John worked in the UK for 20 years, initially at the Forensic Science Service where he specialised in the examination of drugs and plastic packaging materials. He then moved to Forensic Alliance/LGC Forensics, where John was initially a senior drug practitioner, eventually becoming the Head of Operations for the Drugs Section. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Chemistry from the University of Manchester.

Western Australia Police

Superintendent James (Jim) Migro  APM

Jim joined the Western Australia Police Force in 1968, in 1975 he became a detective and remained in the crime area until he was promoted to Inspector in 1997.

In 2002 he was promoted to Superintendent and since then has been the Divisional Officer in charge of various areas, including Organised Crime, Gangs, Licensing Enforcement and currently the Forensic Division.

Jim has extensive experience, particularly in investigating organised crime and alcohol and drug policy.

He was previously the Chair of the Intergovernmental committee on Drugs which was responsible for the National Drug Strategy and a member of the board of the National Drug Research Institute (Curtin University).


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