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ANZPAA NIFS is governed by the Australia New Zealand Forensic Executive Committee (ANZFEC).  ANZFEC represents government forensic science service providers across Australia and New Zealand, demonstrating the forensic science community's interest in working together, its investment in ANZPAA NIFS and strong support for our work program.

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Current ANZFEC Members

Mr Daniel Andres, Acting Director, ACT Government Analytical Laboratory


Dr Sarah Benson, Chief Forensic Scientist, Australian Federal Police


Mr Colin Priddis, Director, ChemCentre Western Australia


Mr Matthew Osborn, Director, Forensic Science Service Tasmania


Mr Chris Pearman, Director, Forensic Science South Australia


Dr Jill Vintiner, Forensic Programme Manager, Institute of Environmental Science and Research


Dr Michael Collins, Director Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory, National Measurement Institute


Mr Michael Symonds, Executive Director, New South Wales Health Pathology Forensic and Analytical Science Service


Assistant Commissioner Mike Fitzgerald, Forensic Evidence and Technical Services Command, New South Wales Police


Mr Des Carroll, Director, Northern Territory Police Forensic Science Branch


Dr Gavin Turbett, Head of Department, PathWest Laboratory Medicine (Chair)


Mr John Doherty, Executive Director, Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services


Superintendent Bruce McNab, Forensic Services Group, Queensland Police


Superintendent Les Buckley, South Australia Police Forensic Services Branch


Inspector Grant Twining, Tasmania Police Forensic Services (Deputy Chair)


Professor Noel Woodford, Director, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine


Dr Rebecca Kogios, Acting Executive Director, Victoria Police Forensic Services Department


Superintendent Anthony Lee, Western Australia Police Forensic Division

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