Operation Crossroads

Operation Crossroads LogoOperation CROSSROADS, is an Australia and New Zealand co-ordinated police initiative to help keep our roads safe this Christmas. Police involved in this operation will be targeting a range of road offences including speed, alcohol, and drug use over this holiday period. Research shows that a strong police presence goes a long way towards enhancing community safety on our roads.





ANZPAA also coordinates the Christmas and Easter Holiday Period Road Toll. Details of this separate initiative can be accessed by clicking here.


Why combined statistics?

ANZPAA campaigns are run across all Australia and New Zealand jurisdictions. The statistics reflect the particular approach each country, State or Territory takes – given its resources and local conditions at that given time. This makes these statistics difficult to compare state by state or country by country or even operation by operation. ANZPAA recommends when commenting on any operation that the total statistics are used for each operation and for that operation alone.


An example of this are operations held in 2011 in New Zealand. Christchurch had just suffered from another very large and devastating earthquake and so the statistics for that year’s operations were of course affected. This can also be said for other operations that may be affected by poor weather (such as the Queensland floods), unexpected events (Victorian bushfires), the number of staff available to be deployed, and so on. In taking their own approach to cross-jurisdictional operations, it is open to every State and Territory to focus on the areas of most concern to them.