Interactive maps show crime trends in ACT

7/03/2012 9:42:04 AM

A new interactive online crime mapping tool has been developed to help provide the public with valuable and accurate information about criminal activity in their neighbourhood, says the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell.


Mr Corbell launched ACT Policing's latest web tool and said it was a great way to provide the community crime statistics by suburb, draw comparisons between suburbs and view crime trends over the past five years in a quick, easy and accurate way.


"It is important for the community to have access to accurate data on crime trends in a user-friendly format, and these maps make it easier to for people to understand crime trends in their area," Mr Corbell said.


"Property crime is an area of criminality that is a concern to Canberrans, and the latest report card on policing services in the Territory shows a significant downward trend.


"Over the 2010-11 financial year, motor vehicle theft is down 37 per cent, burglary down 32 per cent and robbery down 22 percent.


"This is evidence that having a single source of data can allay misconceptions and fears about crime in our community."


"The new crime maps will also display offences per 1000 of the population, which allows the public to accurately compare statistics of the larger suburbs with the smaller ones," he said.


"Having easily accessible data like this is important in a small community like the ACT where a small number of actual offences can see trends rise significantly as a percentage and lead to incorrect perceptions of crime.


The crime maps also show the number of homicides, traffic and Criminal Infringement Notices, other offences against the person, other offences, road fatalities and road collisions with injuries.


"While the maps will be an important feature of website, it also important to point out that there's also information to help you protect your family and property against criminal behaviour," Mr Corbell said.


Find the maps at