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Chief Executive Officer
Since commencing in her role at ANZPAA, Katherine has implemented a new forecasting and foresight role for policing across Australia and New Zealand examining future trends and implications for policing. She actively promotes innovative, collaborative and strategic cross-jurisdictional discussion on future trends and their impacts on policing amongst Police Commissioners from across Australia and New Zealand and their teams. Katherine has over 20 years’ experience in law enforcement and justice and has previously held senior and executive roles in the Australian Federal Police and Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services. Her areas of expertise include organisational change, legislative policy, strategic planning, environmental scanning, policy advice, organisational performance and risk management. Katherine holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) and has undertaken Bachelor of Laws studies. She is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and was awarded the Northern Territory Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year in 2013.  


Director - Corporate Services
Vicki has been Director - Corporate Services since 2007. In her current position, Vicki oversees the management of the following key functions of the directorate: governance and customer service, finance, organisational development, information services, contracts and procurement, and strategic marketing and communications. More recently, Vicki has had lead on the ANZPAA project the Police Commissioners' Police Conference 2018. This is the first conference of its kind in Australia and New Zealand to have been created by police, for police.


Director - Strategic Services
Jean was appointed to Director, Strategic Services In December 2015. She is responsible for the Innovation and Research Team that produce environment scans and research reports that offer strategic foresight considerations and effective practices to the ANZPAA Board. She also heads up the Projects Team that reviews cross-jurisdictional instruments, police education and training material and works on cost savings options for the ANZPAA Board in relation to procurement. Jean holds a Bachelor of Law and Arts. She has worked internationally and is personally committed to the concept of public value.


Director - NIFS
Linzi is the Director of the National Institute of Forensic Science at ANZPAA. Linzi has been working in forensic science since 1996. At ANZPAA, Linzi was instrumental in the development and publication of forensic science Standards for the Australian and International community, investigating new DNA techniques and national approaches to forensic education and training. Linzi is currently implementing the recommendations from the Independent Review of NIFS.


General Manager - NIFS
Dean comes to ANZPAA from the Victoria Police Forensic Science Department where his substantive role is Manager of the Digital & Document Evidence Branch. As General Manager NIFS, Dean's responsibilities include: managing NIFS work program and projects, stakeholder liaison, contributing to strategic planning and establishing and developing best practice procedures, systems and programs.


Manager - Corporate Services
As Manager, Corporate Services, Louise is responsible for the effective management of a multi-disciplinary team including Business Support, Communications and Design, IT Services, Administration, Human Resources and Finance. Alongside other members of ANZPAA’s Management Team, Louise is responsible for establishing, maintaining and ensuring compliance with business processes. These include governance, corporate branding, quality assurance, business continuity and corporate risk management.


Principal Projects
Jacqueline's role is the Principal Projects. She manages a team of project advisors and oversees the development, review and implementation of policies and strategies relating to a range of contemporary policing issues. Jacqueline has been instrumental in the development of a number of national policing and law enforcement strategic documents and submissions.


Principal Innovation & Research
Milan leads a team of innovation and research experts that focus on current and future forecasting. These forecasts are analysed and provide meaningful evidence that aids police decision-making, and in this way, allows them to focus their education, research and project activities to better meet all potential future needs.

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